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DyPerm® Tape: Vapor Barrier Tape

DyPerm® Tape is a zero-perm 3-ply vapor barrier tape used to secure DyPerm Wrap seams tape vapor barrierand can be factory or field applied, although Dyplast generally recommends factory application. DyPerm Tape is made with 1 mil aluminum foil and a 0.5 mil polyester film on both sides. The tape is coated with a cold weather solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive system which combines superior quick stick at normal temperatures and superior low temperature performance below freezing.

Product Physical Properties
Property English Metric
Total Product Thickness 4.0 mils 101.6 µm
Thickness (Carrier) 2.5 mils 63.5 µm
Thickness (Adhesive) 1.5 mils 39.1 µm
Peel Adhesion 60 oz/in 17 N/25mm
Shear Strength Indefinite @ 2.2psi Indefinite @ 15.2kPa
Tensile Strength 15 lb/in width 68 N/25mm
Elongation 50% 50%
Minimum Continuous Temperature -30°F -34°C
Maximum Continuous Temperature 300°F 149°C

The information listed is in good faith and has been established from sources believed to be secure and reliable. The values listed are typical properties and are not intended to be used as specifications for defined applications. User must determine the product suitability for the end use application and assume all risks and liabilities.