Dyplast publishes New "Ted TALK" series of Insulation industry conversations


Mechanical Insulation Value Chain:
I actively encourage my staff's dialogues with individuals and companies up, down, and across the value chain for mechanical insulation for low-temperature pipe and equipment. ISO-C1® polyisocyanurate is of course Dyplast's brand, yet this blog is generic. You may ask me "why exert so much effort to engage all these conversations?" My answer, which I hope is echoed below, is we each benefit and the industry benefits!
The value chain for the End-User (typically the Asset Owner) ends when the optimal insulation system is finally installed. Yet where does it begin, and where can it be broken? Frankly, the value chain has many participants and the more players there are, the higher the risk.
This first Ted Talk blog on the subject of Value Chain focuses on Installation Contractors, who clearly play key roles and each of whom can be considered the last cog in this value chain. They are often the final contractors squeezed by schedules, blamed for late commissioning, and when a system's thermal performance is "less than design" can be sued.
When Dyplast calls or visits an Installation Contractor we're almost always welcomed openly and with respect. Then when the conversation is all business we hear:
"We only "put on" what we're told"
"We're just basically a middleman"
"We do not actually buy the insulation"
"We don't write the specs"
"But what can we do?"
My general response is:
"Like it or not you each know you have potential liability!"
"Wouldn't it be better to know that what you are putting on is of the highest quality?"
I relate the story when I was asked by an "old time" player "why did Dyplast do all that testing?" My reply was "I really like to sleep at night."
If you've been so kind to read my blog thus far, I guess you know I can be a bit long on words. Indeed!  Yet in my own defense - - this is a complex subject. I will strive to use more sound-bites. Don't hold your breath!
Ted Berglund
Dyplast Products

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