Dyplast publishes new article, "Insulation Installation" in LNG magazine


The fifth Dyplast article published in LNG Industry magazine is entitled "Insulation Installation". Dyplast has devoted significant resources to producing and providing the insulation industry with in depth analysis and explanation of leading industry issues through its articles in LNG magazine. Previous Articles include...

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LNG Industry Magazine (Risk Mitigation, Beyond Standards) July 2016

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Below is an exerpt of the new article..."Insulation Installation"

"Failures at a new LNG facility during the first few months of initial operations can be expensive and cause damage to a company's image. Therefore, most companies do everything possible to ensure a 'perfect start-up', but this is easier said than done. Identifying what may ultimately cause problems is a first step to controlling and eliminating those problems. Although it may be challenging to anticipate the main reasons for forced shutdowns or curtailments during the first months of operation, poor design and installation of the insulation system are clearly on the list.

While many of the principles that are discussed are applicable to any insulant, this article focuses on polyisocyanurate (polyiso) and cellular glass (cell glass), since there is more long-term experience with those insulants, with successful service, with no failures over periods of 20 years and more."

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 LNG Magazine (Insulation Installation) March 2017 

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